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Receive personal advice for all situations in life – no matter where you are.

On the one hand, our customers receive professional support in the form of video workshops, live seminars and consultations, while on the other hand, experts from a wide range of professions can share their knowledge flexibly and with appropriate payment.

It is important for us that not only the customers receive professional advice, but that the experts are also paid fairly – that way we achieve a win-win situation for all parties involved!

Jürgen Wier Founder Tyme Group

Being present, no matter where you are – video consults, video workshops and live seminars

Whether workshops, seminars or individual discussions: Here you can find personalized advice within a few minutes!

Many of us need support in various areas of daily life. However, up to now there was no digital offering that could provide this support independent of time and place – an offering that is as flexible as you are.

Therefore, we have developed a marketplace that adapts to your needs. Exchange ideas with experts from over 20 industries or offer your own expertise – safely and with fair compensation.

  • 1:1 Consulting with to-the-minute billing
  • Invoicing in your name
  • Video conferencing
  • Webinars & event streaming
  • Also personalized as white label
  • Appointment arrangement
  • File sharing
  • Recording
  • Transcription
  • No installation required

White Label Feature –
the independent solution in your own corporate design

Are you looking for a way to respond even better to the needs of your target group? Then get our individualized white label solution for corporates!
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These features delight our

Simple accounting

Simple accounting

We enable fully automated billing with payment collection and invoicing – exactly to the minute! This ensures more fairness, transparency and planning reliability for customers and experts.


Made for teamwork

Our marketplaces can also connect several experts or customers in one video conference or live webinar. For fast and direct communication in the digital age. For goal-oriented learning and coaching as a team, even in front of a large audience.

Inspiring functions

Inspiring functions

Our solutions connect you on almost any PC, tablet or smartphone. No installation is required. Share a screen, exchange ideas, notes or files, use text chat and take notes.

With your personal online presence, e.g. on, you can be found worldwide.

Maximum security

Maximum security

The Tyme Group adheres strictly to the principles of consumer protection. We therefore collect, process and store as little data as possible. All data is stored in German data centers, the connection is based on modern encryption.

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

You can integrate our marketplaces into your processes without any adjustments. Just use a modern browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone, further processes are not necessary. Administration and billing are completely automated.

Many application areas –
one solution!

Our personal white label solution adapts to your individual needs and can be used in various industries and application areas – reliable stability, security and performance guaranteed!

As a platform for experts such as agencies, law firms, medical associations, consultants, coaches, financial experts, teachers and publishers, etc.

As an internal communication platform for virtual teams or mobile organizations.

As service center of the future.

As a platform for training and coaching with internal and external consultants.

As a sales platform that fits to your needs.

As a learning and webinar platform, for example as a proper online school.

Numbers, numbers, numbers…


Doctors are using our platforms for their patients.


Video consultations per platform and day are processed through us.


Sport events per month are taking place online.

This is what the industry says…

J. Miller

“More time for personal care through video consultation leads to more time for health and the important things in life.”

Dr. J. Miller Head of the Radiology Sana Klinik Pegnitz

Lena Funk

“A very reliable connection, high data security, comfortable user flow and direct billing allow for a successful video consultation.”

Lena Funk Systematic Consultant, Change management

Leif Göritz

“An ambitious concept that solves a problem. Great implementation.”

Leif Göritz Chairman of the Supervisory Board Thalia

Investing in Tyme Group

Become part of the digital revolution!

As a cross-industry marketplace, Tyme Group is a pioneer in the field of digital video consulting and mobile knowledge. The high level of data security, stability and performance make Tyme Group the most trusted provider, both for customers, experts and companies.

The constantly increasing traffic and large demand for our services have shown us one thing: Digital video consulting is the future!

Are you interested in our concept? Do you have any suggestions or would you like to develop our vision further with us? If you would like to be part of this development, we look forward to welcoming you!

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