The secure service for your company

The relationship with your customers is important to you and you want to communicate your service appropriately. You are looking for a simple solution to get in touch with your target group, but you don’t want to give away the sovereignty over sensitive customer data? Our certified white label solution that solves your problem! It allows you to offer your product or service in your own corporate design.

You keep the data sovereignty. Asserting an uncomplicated and secure service of your company!

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Possible applications

  • As a platform for experts such as law firms, agencies, publishers, medical associations, financial experts, coaches, teachers, consultants, etc.
  • As an internal communication platform for remote teams or mobile organizations
  • As a service center of the future
  • As a platform for training and coaching with internal and external coaches
  • As a sales platform
  • As a learning and webinar platform, for example as a fully-fledged online school
  • As a video-on-demand offer

Our white label solution:
The right functionalities for each industry


  • Video consults
  • Health webinars
  • Fitness events
  • Optional: network of physicians with direct billing


  • 1:1 coaching with per-minute billing
  • Live webinars & conferences
  • Video on demand and live streaming solutions for coaches and studios
  • Optional: availability of coaches for special formats


  • Educational webinars
  • Virtual classrooms
  • On-demand videos


  • On-demand video chat
  • Voice chat
  • Text chat

The independent solution

in your own corporate design

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