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Do you need spontaneous support in transforming your van or advice on your tax return? With us you get answers from experts from over 20 industries who pass on their knowledge in the form of video workshops, live seminars and consultations – securely, flexibly and transparently.

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You are an expert in your industry and want to share your knowledge independently?

From individual nutritional advice and coaching to insurances: Here you can support your target group in any life situation, completely, independent of time and place, and charge your service to the minute – for fairness and the highest quality.

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Why does XPERTyme exist?


Users find advice & support for their daily needs.


Experts share their knowledge with other experts or users. Thereby, they can rely on a secure video consulting platform and a market-oriented payment model.


Companies receive a secure knowledge management system that can be used within and between companies. The invoicing engine also enables commercial exchanges between organizations, experts and end users.

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